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ClearChain have found that most manufacturers have opportunities to improve operational performance by improving their factory planning:

  • Suppliers with poor delivery performance find it difficult to predict when they will be able to deliver.
  • Suppliers with good delivery performance manage their delivery performance through excessive management effort.
  • Both underutilise their people and capacity.


In all cases there are opportunities to improve operational performance:

  • Improve delivery performance
  • Reduce lead times and inventory
  • Increase cash flow
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce costs


Almost all companies rely on their ERP systems to plan and schedule and these systems rely on high data quality and consistent management process to create a deliverable plan:

  • Many companies have implemented their ERP systems some time ago and often have not maintained the good data quality that the system relies upon to plan properly.
  • The quality of your internal management processes may have drifted from their original intent through changing business circumstances, changes in people or internal misunderstanding of the vital role that all elements play in effective planning.
  • If your ERP data and internal processes are not managed properly, you cannot use the ERP system to plan your factory or business properly.
  • If the manufacturing plan does not deliver the required output, people in the business lose confidence in it
  • Workarounds emerge further discrediting the plan and reinforcing the workarounds.


Many businesses that want to improve operational performance do not know where to start and what to do next to have biggest impact. ClearChain VMS gives you an operations management layer that:

  • Prioritises the things that need to be done.
  • Monitors how well you manage both data, processes and the manufacturing plan.
  • Encourages you to follow our 5 Step operational improvement process (download below!).
  • Gives continuous feedback of the impact of any improvement initiative.
  • Once improvements have been made, ClearChain offers an ongoing live audit that warns if anything starts to go wrong.

5 steps to supply chain excellence

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Most companies prefer to make any operational improvements themselves once they have an understanding of the challenge and, preferably, without outside help.

ClearChain can offer a variety of support service options to suit your needs:

  • A ClearChain operational diagnostic option that gives you an up front, prioritised agenda and plan to make your operational improvements
  • A web based remote mentoring service that gives your team access to experts who can give you guidance and encouragement through any difficulties
  • Membership of the ClearChain community where companies can share experiences and peer support with other companies going through their own improvement processes
  • Selected and targeted on-site expert support if further assistance is required

Once you have confidence in your operational performance, you can then optionally:

  • Maintain additional data over the web interface that your ERP system cannot support and download that data to your network for importing into your core ERP system or other systems.


  • Display performance and manufacturing schedule information on your shop floor or in the offices
  • Share selected performance, schedule or delivery information with your collaborators securely over the web
  • Integrate your live performance statistics into your website for marketing confidence and reliability in your delivery capability

Why do I need a service like this?

When you buy your new car you are fully aware that keeping it in top condition requires regular servicing.

You have invested heavily in your ERP system and management processes and you will need equivalent diagnostic, repairs and adjustments to both to ensure they are delivering the best performance:



Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Q. I have invested heavily in my ERP system, why can’t it do this?

A. Your ERP system will have been designed to transact your business to it’s standard design model and will most likely have some business monitoring features, such as load and capacity. If you want to have a more targeted business and process oriented view of that data, be able to assess the quality of the manufacturing plan itself and the consistency of the supporting business processes, you will have to document your requirements in detail, design and specify your own reports, then have your requirements translated by your own expert in your system into a business management environment you can monitor.

ClearChain experts have designed that environment for you, can take data from any ERP system and give you the same quality of business management environment that is shared by others. In addition it will enable you to assess the effectiveness of your ERP system. ClearChain design is constantly being reviewed and improved to continue to give the give the best service available.

Q. Why don’t I just change my ERP system to one that can offer these services?

A. Changing your ERP system is a very costly business decision to make and often has significant adverse impact on business performance whilst any new system is implemented and beds in. You must also decide clearly how a different system will actually deliver the business improvements you seek.

ClearChain VMS can help you to decide whether your lack of confidence in your ERP system is due to the inability of your current system to support you adequately, or poor management process, at the same time as giving you a balanced agenda to improve your business performance.

In our experience, most modern ERP systems offer most features any business could need if the data is set up and managed properly and the supporting business processes are effective

If, following an objective review of your system, you decide that your current ERP system does not support the features you require ClearChain VMS can help you to focus on those features you really do need (and clarify those you don’t) then enable you to refine an ITT to alternative ERP vendors.

ClearChain can continue to give you that consistent business improvement layer whichever ERP system you decide to convert to.

What does it cost?

ClearChain Virtual Master Scheduler
Setup with your ERP system £3,495
5 registered user interface
(minimum 12 month contract, per month)
ClearChain Expert on-site diagnostic and improvement plan
(guide price)

Additional support services from ClearChain experts are available and can be quoted based upon the type of support that best suits your business improvement ambitions. Options include:

  • Remote web ClearChain Expert business improvement mentoring
  • Targeted on site ClearChain Expert support

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