5 steps to supply chain excellence

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What is ClearChain

Fixing manufacturing delivery issues for good and creating a transparent supply chain

Managing and improving ERP systems by using a ‘plug-in’ diagnostic tool, accessible securely over the Internet, allowing standard operational effectiveness viewing across the whole of the supply chain.

The ClearChain expert team consists of passionate manufacturing specialists who each have a business lifetime experience of helping a variety of high value added manufacturers to improve their operational and business performance.

The causes of supply chain inefficiencies

The ClearChain service was conceived after the team had seen the same scenario being played out again and again in many companies. Poor performance was attributable to the inability to understand and coordinate the systems and key management processes required to drive an effective manufacturing plan that the business could believe in without being tempted to create workarounds and informal processes.

In the worst cases, this resulted in companies running out of capacity without realising it, or just getting into delivery difficulties with key customers that resulted in high impact customer interventions.

At the same time, major customers’ extensive Supply Chain Management and Programme Management teams spend man-years of their time away from home and office sitting in traffic jams and flying all over the World to be able to assure that their suppliers will be able to deliver, and supporting those that cannot, whilst exerting a massive Global Carbon footprint.

Once a company gets into delivery difficulties, the underlying complexity of the management processes, different systems, existing team skills and motivation meant that there was no quick fix. The timescales for a recovery with expensive specialised resource support could be in terms of 2 years, whereas the customers’ manufacturing lines needed parts now. Customers sourcing parts from another supplier is often not a practical solution that can be put in place quickly.

ClearChain soon realised that poor use of systems and management processes was not just restricted to companies with a poor delivery record but that even many companies with a good delivery record overcame these issues with excessive management effort, additional cost and ineffective use of valuable capacity. It also resulted in excessive inventory, cash employed and poor productivity.

Recognising when to review for cost effective, low intervention management

We realised that the most important time to review and improve the business was before there was a problem, so that expensive ‘break fix’ interventions were, ultimately, never needed and the management team could prioritise sufficient time to make improvements to their business as a matter of course. It also needed to be cost effective and low intervention to encourage even companies with a good delivery record to be encouraged to test and improve their own effectiveness, rather than being purely focused on their delivery performance, at whatever cost.

Delivering the solutions that count

We have designed a service that comprehensively answers the following challenges for all manufacturing companies, whatever their size, or complexity of the supply chain:
• Helping companies quickly get a high quality and consistent appraisal of both systems and processes
• Using a small and dwindling pool of high quality expertise to support as many businesses as possible to improve themselves, then monitor and maintain those improvements
• Encouraging more experts into the process to support as many businesses as possible
• Guiding the combative customer supplier relationships and encouraging supply chain collaboration
• Enabling remote supplier operational audit by customers and visibility through the supply chain to improve supply chain responsiveness, reduce delivery risk, lead times and overall inventory

The one tool to reduce cost, wastage and delivery times

ClearChain developed a ‘plug in’ diagnostic capable of allowing an overview from any supplier system. Accessible securely over the Internet and offering a standard operational effectiveness view that could help companies to resolve any issues found by managing their existing ERP systems and operational management processes. This view needed to be accessible selectively, as allowed by each supplier, to their Groups and Customers from any web enabled device.

This service is backed up and supported by a remote and light-touch mentoring service that would enable scarce expert resource to aid as many companies as possible concurrently in their endeavours.

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